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Yoga for pregnant women – entry possible at any time


When: Tuesdays 18:00 – 19:15 Yoga for pregnant women. Presence and online & interactive, German-speaking, English-speaking if required.

Prices: Free trial class. Afterwards 10 weeks course for €100,00

Free trial lesson

The first lesson is free. All pregnant women who want to experience yoga during pregnancy are invited to join us.


If you would like to register for this course, please use the online registration form. You will receive an invoice with the bank transfer details. You are also welcome to pay via PayPal (NOTE: add 4% transaction costs. account: As soon as you have registered with your payment, you will receive the access link by email.


Pregnancy Yoga

One of the most transformative experiences in a woman’s life is the time of pregnancy and birth: giving life to a new human being. This is something very sacred and divine.

Yoga can support you and your baby during pregnancy in many ways:

– Physical and relaxation exercises, help with possible discomfort and promote both your well-being and that of your baby.

– Breath guidance and meditation help to let go of unconscious processes and strengthen your confidence.

– Yoga offers a regular constant in the time of deep experience and great change. It offers you space to focus only on yourself and your baby and to share with other expectant mothers.

– A baby is born – a mother is born: birth preparation, breathing exercises and body positions for the different phases of labour.

– Changing thematic focuses offer information on conscious pregnancy, birth and for the time after.

“Everything a woman experiences during her pregnancy, her baby experiences ten times more intensively” Yogi Bhajan

You can start with pregnancy yoga at any time during your pregnancy. Even right at the beginning. We recommend the earlier the better.

This is what our yoga classes for pregnant women offer you

After a welcome round, where there is space to share issues that each individual is currently experiencing, we begin with tuning in and gentle warm-up exercises, often including breathing exercises. This is followed by a series of yoga exercises specifically designed for pregnant women. This is followed by a long deep relaxation and before tuning out there is a meditation. Throughout the yoga class, the focus is always brought back to the mother and the baby, and moments are created where you consciously and aligned send prana (life energy) to your growing baby. In addition, each class has a thematic focus on which the teacher gives impulses from a yogic perspective and also draws on ancient traditional women’s knowledge and, where possible, shows specific exercises and shares practical suggestions.

No previous yoga experience is required to participate in our pregnancy yoga classes.

Yoga is good for you. Yoga is good for your baby.

  • 26-31 May Divine Woman - Divine Mother
    Online & Yogahouse Prasaad

  • Free Aquarian Sadhana with Live Music

  • Free Aquarian Sadhana with Live Music

  • Free Aquarian Sadhana with Live Music

  • Free Aquarian Sadhana with Live Music

  • Free Aquarian Sadhana with Live Music

  • Free Aquarian Sadhana with Live Music

  • Online Workshop auf Deutsch Hari Krishan Singh

    Wie man mit dem Druck der modernen Zeit umgehen kann.

    Viel Stress und Unsicherheit können zu Unruhe und Instabilität führen. Wir brauchen Hilfsmittel und Unterstützung, um uns selbst im Leben zu stärken, besonders in Situationen mit zusätzlichem Druck. Kundalini Yoga kann uns helfen, mit Stress umzugehen und näher an unserer eigenen persönlichen Erfahrung zu bleiben, damit wir uns nicht in dem verlieren, was von außen kommt.


  • 24-26 June Karam Kriya Number Awareness

    Topic: Number 4 - Sequence 4321

    More Information

  • Online Workshop auf Deutsch Hari Krishan Singh

    Atemzug für Atemzug, im Moment bleiben.

    Atemzug für Atemzug. Schritt für Schritt. Genau hier, genau jetzt. Der Atem ist unser effizientestes und direktestes Mittel, um ganz im Moment anzukommen und uns selbst am nächsten zu sein. Kundalini Yoga lehrt uns eine Vielzahl von Pranayama, Atemkontrolltechniken, die wir in jedem Moment des Tages anwenden können, um uns für das, was wirklich wichtig ist, präsent zu machen.


  • 14-19 July Teacher Training Level 2
    Online & Yogahouse Prasaad

    Authentic Relationships with Bachitar Kaur and Hari Krishan Singh

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  • 21-24 July Kundalini Yoga Festival Switzerland
    Caux - Montreux

  • 30 July - 7 August European Yogafestival
    Mur-de-Sologne, France

Ik Aardas - Mata Mandir Singh

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