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Yogaschool Golden Temple



We are your yoga school in Hegau, Germany and offer yoga classes both in presence and online – interactively. That means you can come to our yoga studio or join us live online, wherever you are. We also offer English language classes (online & interactive).

New is our Yoga on Demand Video Channel. Here you can practice yoga around the clock whenever you want with our video channel.


Our offer for presence, live & interactive online, or video on demand:

  • Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Courses
  • Yoga for pregnant women
  • Before Work Yoga
  • Kundalini Yoga Rebirthing Classes
  • Yoga for children (group – or individual classes; on request)
  • Yoga for teenagers (group or individual classes; on request)
  • Aquarian Sadhana
  • Workshops
  • Meditation Days
  • Facebook Yoga Nuggests
  • Postnatal Yoga Doula (one-to-one support)
  • Yoga consultations
    Healthy lifestyle; stress, burn-out and vitality; insomnia and relaxation, nervousness and concentration; back problems, headaches and letting go; fear and confidence, crisis or opportunity.
  • Karam Kriya
    Numerological consultations based on your birth date
  • Karam Kriya Yoga Coaching
    A program of at least 90 days to support personal or professional processes with Karam Kriya Numerology and Kundalini Yoga & Meditation.


Become a Teacher yourself!

Through our international training institute Cherdi Kala, we offer globally recognised professional trainings to become a Kundalini Yoga Teacher (Level 1, 2 and 3), a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher and a Postnatal Yoga Doula.

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  • Start Level 2 Vitality & Stress
    Online & South Germany

    6-11 July 2023

    More Information

  • Start of the Swiss Kundalini Yoga Festival
    Caux Palace - Montreux, Rue du Panorama 2, 1824 Montreux, Switzerland

    13-16 July 2023

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Ik Aardas - Mata Mandir Singh