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KYoga Level 1 Engen/Munich 2020 @ Kundalini Yoga Zentrum München
Sep 25 2020 – Apr 18 2021 all-day
KYoga Level 2 Berlin, Germany Conscious Communication 2020
Oct 16 – Oct 21 all-day

Conscious Communication with Hari Krishan Singh and Ardas Kaur
Hold the teacher‘s voice. Empower your speaking. Deepen your listening. Sounding from the navel. Pitching from the chakras. Projecting & defending. Prayerful communication. Communication blocks; fear/anger. Hidden self, shadow self & the mask. Uplifting others through the frequency of your communication is a direct path to self-mastery.

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Karam Kriya Consultancy Training Netherlands and Belgium 2020-2022
Oct 23 – Oct 25 all-day


To develop the skills and consciousness required to hold a space in which individuals or groups can engage in the process of Karam Kriya with increasing awareness.The training offers a language that will be as a bridge linking the personal and the cosmic.Consultants will develop their own style of excellence and personal expression in the 5 natural languages, these are:

  • Magic [ numbers ]
  • Medicine [ time/energy ]
  • Science [ technology of shape/space ]
  • Art [ conscious sensitivity ]
  • Education [ learning how to learn ]


The founding director of the training is Shiv Charan Singh; an outstanding spiritual teacher who runs the International School of Karam Kriya School and was the director of the Kriya Centre in North London [2000-2007]. He is now co-director of Quinta do Rajo with Satya Kaur in Portugal.

Shiv Charan’s interest in the link between the concrete physical and abstract spiritual aspects of life led him through a thourough study of Kundalini Yoga philosophy and practice and into several counselling courses culminating with a degree in humanities, as well as independently studying a number of different approaches to physical, mental and spiritual health. In time he began to integrate these studies through the common base of Numerology [the first and last language, common to all] and brought it together in a way of working with others through healing conversations.

As a spiritual teacher and trained counsellor, Shiv Charan Singh offers profoundly transformative individual consultations. In 2002 he has started a challenging training programme in Karam Kriya consultancy in England, France, Germany, Italy and Russia. These courses are continuing while a new course istarting in Holland, and future courses are planned in Spain and Sweden.

This training offers students the opportunity to learn about communication and relationship. First by examining the nature of the mind in order to render it transparent. Then by an indepth exploration of the five universal voices that speak in everyone. And constantly supported by reference to the backbone of numbers. It is a challenging course that calls on the students motivation and willingness to self-initiate into an accellerated and self-directed learning process.


  • Commitment: According to the students own commitment the course can be presented and experienced in a clear and systematic progression. Students will need to do some work in their own time.
  • Certificate: One of the aims of the course is to attain a certificate in Karam Kriya Consultancy.
    Who will recognise this course and certificate? The first point is: Will you recognise it? You will be invited to explore the concept of self-qualification and to relate that to the status given to this kind of work in a changing world as well as in the general context of the current therapeutic field in your country.
  • Course format: The course will include content delivery, group discussion, pair work, student


Part 1 “Training The Mind To Right Understanding”

Change comes through exchange. Exchange happens in relation. Relation is communication. To be a presence that consciously inspires meaningful change in the communication with others in the world is only possible after sacrificing our misconceptions.

The first part of the training is to see through the mind and its many tricks; we will examine ego-mind and the games it plays from the view of spiritual insight. This will include a study of the 7 steps to hell contrasted with the 7 steps to happiness. In addition You will learn to recognise the cosmic fairy tale that is being played out in the lives of every individual being. With this transparency of the mind we will take a new look at the concept of a professional code of ethical conduct.

Freeing the consciousness from the trap of mistaken identity makes it possible to then train the mind to the true vision and understanding that will result in our words becoming a bridge between the individual and the cosmic, the personal and the universal. The mind will be able to perceive and honour the divine order in action.

This part of the training is also to explore the professional basis for Karam Kriya Consultancy, the game of questions and answers, the use of the visual faculty of the mind and the nature of knowledge.

Normally this stage is minumum of 5 days of training.

Students will have to be highly motivated and ready to go through accelerated learning processes as well as continue the training in their own time with home work.

Part 2 “The Five Universal Voices And Their Sequences”

The second part of the training will begin to explore the whole nature of language and communication in general. You will be introduced to the 5 voices that govern all human communication. You can imagine that every conversation between two people is taking place over 4 telephone lines at the same time, while the synthesis of these gives the 5th voice. You will be introduced to each of these communication lines and how they relate to each other. You will gain a general sense of the nature of each voice and its pathway of unfolding.

The second stage described above is also recommended to be studied over a minimum of 5 training days. For some people this might be all they want to do and the general introduction phase will be over.

Part 3 “The Voice of Magic is Numbers”

Then comes the Third stage of training. At this 3rd stage we will introduce the basic universal laws that are at work behind every system, religion and philosphy. While the universal attitude is one of loving service, the common essence, or building blocks, of every teaching is the subtle language of numbers. In this 3rd stage you will become familiar with the magic of numbers and start to develop a kind of x-ray vision that allows you to see the inner structure of all things and people.

Part 4 “Application of the Voices in the Healing Conversation”

Now it is time to go in deeper. The 4th stage is for those who are ready to take this work more seriously.

It is proposed to go in deeper beyond the introductions that have been shared so far and intensify the study of each of the voices and their inter-relation. We will look deeply at the specific themes of each voice that plays out its existence in everyones lives. We will learn to be flexible enough in our own communication that we can choose the voice that we respond to others with. We will know the mysterious voice of magic, the compassionate voice of medicine, the rational voice of science, the intuitive voice of art and the integrative voice of learning.

It is recommended that the student spends at least 5 training days on each of the first four voices. This is a minimum of 20 days. there will be plenty of home study for the student that is enthuisastic and committed.

Part 5

Then a 5th stage will be for advanced and specialised application of the knowledge of the numbers and the 5 voices. We will look at implications of these insights to group work and other specialised areas according to requirements of the students on the course. This stage will include the supervision of the student in the study and application of their choice.

Part 6

This is for those who wish to become involved as trainers in Karam Kriya.

KYoga Level 1 Leuven, Belgie 2020 @ VillaVaria
Oct 24 – Oct 25 all-day
KYoga Level 2 Vitality and Stress Fontainebleau, France 2020 @ La Source
Oct 28 – Nov 4 all-day

Vitality & Stress with Kirpal Singh and Hari Krishan Singh
“God only lives in cosy homes”, Yogi Bhajan. The body is the temple. With its biochemistry, neuro-transmissions, five winds, pranas, nadis and various physical and subtle organs. Subject to so much internal and external stress how can it become like gold and radiate?
Vitality is the capacity of the nervous and glandular system to respond and adapt. it is also a sign of a harmonious relationship to the vastness of the cosmos and its laws. Stress can be the training ground to develop this capacity or it can produce a degeneration of this capacity.

KYoga Level 1 Arbrå Sweden 2020 @ Arbrå Kundalini Yoga and Nordic Yoga Center Arbrå
Nov 19 2020 – May 16 2021 all-day

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KYoga Level 1 Online and South Germany WOMEN ONLY @ Yogahouse Prasaad
Nov 21 2020 – Oct 31 2021 all-day

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NOTE: Start of this training is postponed until !!21 November 2020!!

DWDM Divine Woman Divine Mother Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Intensive 2021 @ Yogahouse Prasaad
Jan 27 – Feb 1 all-day



Sat Naam,

Are you inspired to become a pregnancy yoga teacher and contribute to a peaceful tomorrow?
Join our 1-week Intensive in February with Bachitar Kaur and Avtar Kaur, both experienced Kundalini Yoga teachers, mothers and women with a vision for a peaceful tomorrow.

You will get equipped with all the tools to teach pregnancy yoga classes, prepare the mother for birth and her postnatal time. During the week you will experience female community, sharing and caring and you will learn to deepen your sense of common sisterhood and how to carry it far into the world.

The future is feminine. It requires solidarity among women. Become a part of it and support other women during pregnancy. You will help allowing the best possible start for the small and tender new human life in the womb of the mother-to-be. Creating a peaceful foundation for the next generation.

We look forward to welcoming you in February in Engen. Sat Naam.








Divine Woman – Divine Mother is a pregnancy yoga teacher training that gives you the know-how and the tools to accompany women throughout their transformational journey into motherhood. In addition, it offers a space for you, divine woman, to blossom into the consciousness of your uniqueness and greatness. Divine Woman invites you to become fully aware of your creative potential as woman. Your true strength, your grafceful presence, your boundless love. Awaken to the woman you already are and share the fruits of this journey with other women.

This course is a comprehensive, theoretical and practical, non-medical training that covers all aspects of pregnancy: from conception to weaning and beyond.

The training consists of tutorial modules, self-guided study groups, homework projects, on the job training, examination, self-statement and certification

Course Content
The practice of yoga, meditation, pranayama and relaxation as well as practicum classes is an integrated part of each day.

Day 1                                       January 27, 2021
Where are you? Locating yourselves on the map – past, present, future and eternal women and mothers.

Past:Stories of womanhood, pregnancy and birth, family history and inheritance, contextual and cultural perspectives and traditions around pregnancy and birth.Present:where are we now, personally and collectively? Current Developments around Pregnancy and Birth. Future:Expectations, attitudes and visions for the training.

The future is feminine: The Aquarian Age and its call to women. Eternal:Karam Kriya, the universal language of numbers and their tale of the Cosmic Myth – the eternal blueprint for the journ

Conscious Beginnings. Planning. Fertility and Conscious Conception. Kundalini Yoga for the journey to motherhood – introduction

Day 2                                     January 28, 2021
Pregnancy – The mother in becoming: An alchemical journey of personal transformation

Outer and inner changes of pregnancy. Journey to the heart and the journey from me to we. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes, challenges and transformations during pregnancy. Conscious Relationship & Conscious Communication with yourself, your partner, your baby to be, your environment and the divine. The 5 Voices and numbers in male – female relationships. Primary and secondary male, instinctive and intuitive female. The Marriage.

For Kundalini Yoga teachers and Pregnancy Yoga Teachers in becoming: Identity of a teacher

Day 3                                     January 29, 2021
Mother as first teacher for the child

Kundalini Yoga and meditation, postures & alternatives during pregnancy (part 1). The trimesters.Journey of the soul.  Humanology: The baby chooses parents and all circumstance, 120 days celebration, the experiences of the pregnant woman and their effect on the unborn, prayerof a mother, moonpoints, female nature, sexuality, fertility & pregnancy. Emotions, needs and self care, daily rhythms, rest, exercises and yogic self care. Food, prana and nourishment in pregnancy.

Day 4                                       January 30, 2021                               

The awakened Woman – Conscious Pregnancy and Female Community

Conscious choices for birth: What are the options? What is the right support? The role of medicine. Alternative Medicine. What informs our choices? Birth plan. Female Community and sisterly support. Midwives and Doulas. Kundalini Yoga and meditation, postures & alternatives during pregnancy (part 2). Changes: Safety, fear and trust. Pranayama and its importancefor pregnancy and birth.

A baby is born; a mother is born

Everyday Miracles. Preparation for labour and birth – meeting with the unknown. Labour and birth: A Rite of Passage. Ceremony. Understanding birth from the inside out: Anatomy and physiology of birth, stages of labour, understanding the needs of a labouring woman. Drugs and interventions in birth and their pros and cons. Cesarian  Fear and faith in labour – how to ease fear and tension. Possible complications. Positions in labour. Baby’s first minutes and hours. Birth preparation in your pregnancy yoga classes.

Day 5                                     January 31, 2021
Mother and the newborn. 40 days and beyond.

A cornerstone of life: The first 40 days after birth. Breastfeeding and soul food. Postpartum needs and changes, rest, recovery. Self care and being cared for – mothering the mother. Postnatal Support Network. Role of mother, role of father, changes in the relationship. Other siblings and family balance, energetic realities. Dealing with still birth and supporting others to process grief. Postnatal yoga and meditation – Kundalini Yoga for women with babies.

Day 6                                       February 1, 2020
The Mastery of a Woman: Nobility and Radiance

Postnatal is forever. Relaxation, rest and being a woman becominga mother. Connection to the fount of life. Creating an altar and having a place to lay your head – Infinity and Me. Self-confirmation as a woman and the teachings of Yogi Bhajan for women. Female Leadership and leadership for the next generation. Woman is molder of time. Being a leader and a reference for women in your community.

Karam Kriya: your numbers, your path, your gifts

èNote:None of the information provided during the course is intended to constitute or substitute medical advice which is regarded as essential, specially when symptoms deviate from the normal.


KYoga Level 1 Intensive 2021 @ yogahouse Prasaad
Apr 21 – Apr 27 all-day

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 Intensive

21-27 April 2021 Engen, South-Germany – Yogahouse Prasaad (arrival 20, departure 28 April)
23-30 June 2021 ONLINE
3-10 October 2021 Menorca, Spain (arrival 2, departure 11 Oct)

contact: for more information