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8. December 2020 – During the last months, especially the months after the first lockdown in March 2020, we taught many Kundalini Yoga classes online. All these classes have been recorded and will be uploaded onto Vimeo shortly.

The first 10-classes series with Hari Krishan is now available for streaming on-demand. You can rent this series for €35,00 and they will be available for 3 months. Once there are more classes available on Vimeo, the fee can be turned into a monthly or yearly subscription with unlimited streaming access to all classes.

NOTE: so far all classes are recordings of live sessions. This means that sometimes there are corrections or remarks being made for the participants present at that time.

Here are the links to the 10-classes series on Vimeo:

Rent a 10-classes Kundalini Yoga series and stream it for 3 months.

Kundalini Yoga with Hari Krishan Singh.

“I will use Karam Kriya Numerology to pick the classes. As it is 10 classes, I will go through the Numbers 1-10.”

Description and length of each class:

1. Kundalini Yoga Nr. 1 1:27:55  
2. Kundalini Yoga Nr. 2 1:32:27  
3. Kundalini Yoga Nr. 3 1:30:35  
4. Kundalini Yoga Nr. 4 1:33:40  
5. Kundalini Yoga Nr. 5 1:28:08  
6. Kundalini Yoga Nr. 6 1:29:36  
7. Kundalini Yoga Nr. 7 1:33:05  
8. Kundalini Yoga Nr. 8 1:32:34  
9. Kundalini Yoga Nr. 9 1:21:16  
10. Kundalini Yoga Nr. 10 1:28:20  


Free Video Classes


PDF Download KY Kriya for the Frontal Brain
PDF Download Meditation: Frontal Lobe Tune Up
Link to the music used in the Kriya from Don Cooper


This is a recording from an online class with Hari Krishan Singh on 16.12.2020. Kriya: ‘Refreshing the Nervous System’ and the meditation: ‘When You Don’t Know What To Do’.


This is a recording from an online class with Bachitar Kaur on 1.1.2021. Kriya: Wahe Guru Kriya. And the Meditation For the Enthusiast


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