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Karam Kriya Yoga Coaching Training

Karam Kriya 瑜伽教练培训


Start 4 February 2023 online in English with Chinese translation



Chinese translated training:




Self Development Course:




  • 24 July 2022 – Focus on your Gift.
    00-18.00 & 19.00-21.00 China time with Hari Krishan Singh from Germany
  • 4 September 2022 – We all Need Healing.
    30-13.00 & 14.00-16.30 China/Perth time with Jai Ram Kaur from Perth, Australia
  • 23 October 2022 – Karma or Dharma?
    00-13.00 & 14.00-17.00 China time with Bachitar Kaur from Germany
  • 27 November 2022 – Do I Trust or Do I Doubt?
    30-13.00 & 14.00-16.30 China time with Jai Inder Kaur from Melbourne, Australia
  • 8 January 2023 – A Path of Balance and Harmony.
    00-18.00 & 19.00-21.00 China time with Ardaas Singh from Portugal


Karam Kriya Yoga Coaching Training with Chinese Translation:


  • 4-5 February 2023 (Number 7 with Hari Krishan Singh)
  • 4-5 March (Number 5 with Jai Ram Kaur from Perth, Australia) 
  • 5 April Masterclass Date of Birth with Shiv Charan Singh (3.5 hr session)
  • 22-23 April (Number 1 with Jai Inder Kaur from Melbourne, Australia)
  • 27-28 May (Number 2 with Bachitar Kaur)
  • 6 July Masterclass Date of Birth with Shiv Charan Singh (3.5 hr session)
  • 22-23 July (Number 3 with Hari Krishan Singh)
  • 12-13 August (Number 4 with Jai Ram Kaur)
  • 23 August Masterclass Date of Birth with Shiv Charan Singh (3.5 hr session)
  • 7-8 October (Number 6 with Bachitar Kaur)
  • 21-22 October (Number 8 with Ardaas Singh from Portugal/Spain)
  • 8 November Masterclass Date of Birth with Shiv Charan Singh (3.5 hr session)
  • 2-3 December (Number 9 with Hari Krishan Singh)


Karam Kriya瑜伽教练培训,有中文翻译。


7月6日 大师班出生日期
8月23日 大师班出生日期
11月8日 大师班出生日期


Location 地点

All sessions: Online on ZOOM


Introduction Video Shiv Charan Singh


介绍视频 Shiv Charan Singh



More information – 更多信息




In the first session of this course we explore your Original Plan. What are you originally aligned to? Can you sense the impulse of your Soul? This impulse is like a potential that wants to unfold. A talent that your Soul is bringing in. A Gift. We focus on your Gift.




Then in the second session we will look at how you are giving fuel to the manifestation of this gift with your passion, your energy. We usually spend much of our energy in ways that do not support the unfolding of our Divine Idea. In this way we need healing to collect our energy back to support this original impulse. We all need healing.



Then in the third session we look at your behavior. Do your habits promote your soul or not? Which habits limit you in your potential and which habits support?  What behavior could be an expression of your original light and purpose on this planet? What are you showing to the world? Karma or Dharma?

然后,在第三节课中,我们看一下你的行为。你的习惯是否能促进你的灵魂?哪些习惯限制了你的潜力,哪些习惯支持了你的潜力? 哪些行为可以表达你在这个星球上的原始光芒和目的?你在向世界展示什么?是业力还是正法?


The fourth session is about right now. The Present and Your Presence. When will you take responsibility to align yourself to your verticality? Your Spirituality. We are Spirits having a Human experience, not Humans having a Spiritual Experience. It is a reality check, a ‘Sat Naam Moment’. Am I true to my Original Name or not? Do I Trust or do I Doubt?

第四节课是关于此刻这个当下。当下和你的存在。你什么时候会负起责任,使自己与你的垂直度、你的灵性保持一致?。我们是有人类体验的灵性,而不是有灵性体验的人类。这是一个现实核查,一个 “Sat Naam时刻”。我是否忠于我的本名?我相信还是怀疑?



The fifth session will offer the opportunity to surrender to Yourself. But who am I? Let us listen to the Teacher within. The ultimate fruit of your unfolding soul is that your words will be aligned with your True Self. All the work of the previous sessions will come together. You are becoming your Word. What you are and what you do is merging. What you say is who you are! A Path of Balance and Harmony.

The process of this course will be supported by meditations and exercises during the sessions, but also in between the sessions we will recommend certain practices.

After this course you will receive a proof of completion from the International School of Karam Kriya.


第五节课将提供向你自己臣服的机会。但我是谁?让我们倾听内心的老师。你的灵魂展开的最终成果是,你的话语将与你的真我相一致。前面几节课的所有工作都将汇集起来。你正在成为你的话语。你是什么和你做什么正融合为一体。你所说的就是你是谁! 一条平衡与和谐的道路。


课程结束后,你将收到International School of Karam Kriya提供的结业证明。

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