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Learn more about your date of birth!


A one-day Karam Kriya Workshop to look at the Numbers that came with you, and what the may reveal.




The numbers of your date of birth carry within a code of the expression of your being. Learning to decipher this code can offer you a deeper understanding of who you are and in which way you experience your 10 spiritual bodies.

Your date of birth offers you insights into the destiny you have come here for, the karma you have to break through, your daily energy management and the gift you were given for this journey.

We will look at how to calculate the numbers and place them into the grid of your 10-in-1 being. And also explore some of the qualities of each number.

Location: Online via ZOOM

Date 20. February 9:30-17:00

Fee: EUR 45,00 (if registered before 13.2) EUR 55 thereafter.

You can request an invoice to pay through Bank Transfer or you can pay straight away through PayPal: – Mentioning your name and ‘DOB workshop 21’


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