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Continuous Spirit

Enduring through Life and Death


– Night and Day Remember the Divine Play –



A 3/4-day training to deepen your connection to your Continuous Spirit and to bring this awareness into your daily life:

“I am a Spirit having a Human Experience”.



Teachings on Death and Dying


from the tradition of Kundalini Yoga,
Karam Kriya-Numerology and Sikhism.

With references to Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism
and other Esoteric Traditions from East & West.


Day 1: Animal – Tamas. Death and continuation. The consequences of deep attachment to this plane of existence on earth and to your current story. Does death release us from the story?

Day 2: Human – Rajas. Death and transformation. Completing your processes and dying into the moment. Can we live and die in this world without being of this world?

Day 3: Angel – Sattvic. Dead while Alive. Truth is revealed and choice is real. We enter the realms of spirit and divine teachings. How do we translate our Spiritual Insights into our daily life?

Day 4: Full day of JAPA: Kundalini Surjhee

1100 recitations of this Shabd. This takes 6hrs and 25 minutes. The recitation will be guided for 8.5 hours in total so you can take breaks whenever you want/need. You will have to calculate yourself that you recite for at least 6 hrs and 25 minutes = 1100 repetitions.



17 & 18 & 24 April 2021 Continuous Spirit
25 April 2021 JAPA Meditation Day



4 days optional Sadhana: 5.30-8.00 am CET
3 Teaching days: 9.30-13.00 & 14.30-17.00 CET

JAPA Meditation day: 9.00-17.30 CET 



€210,00 for 3 days of teaching Continuous Spirit
€45,00 for the JAPA meditation Day (€5,00 will be donated to WE4U)






Link to the application for the JAPA Meditation day HERE


Zen story on Death


When a rebel army took over a Korean town, all fled the Zen temple except the abbot. The rebel general bust into the temple, and was incensed to find that the master refused to greet him, let alone receive him as a conqueror.

“Don’t you know,” shouted the general, “that you are looking at one who can run you through without batting an eye!” (*without blinking)

“And you,” said the abbot, “are looking at one who can be run through without batting an eye!”

The general’s scowl turned into a smile. He bowed low and left the temple.

  • From: Natalie Goldberg in her forword to Helen Tworkov’s – Zen in America

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