Complaint procedure

Complaint procedure Cherdi Kala - The Art of Upliftment

Cherdi Kala (CK) strives for continuous quality improvement and monitoring, customer friendliness and professionalism. Here the correct and timely dealing with complaints plays an important role. CK takes complaints seriously. In order to ensure this to the relations of CK, a complaint procedure has been developed.

Cherdi Kala applies the following arrangement:

1. Complaints may be submitted in writing to: Cherdi Kala, Mr. MCJ de Hommel, Laar 52, 5674RD, Nuenen, The Netherlands or

2. The sender will receive a written acknowledgment of receipt within five working days.

3. A complaint contains at least:
• The name and address of the sender;
• the date of notification;
• a description of the complaint: the conduct, statements and / or actions complained of;
• The sender's signature.

4. Each complaint is treated confidentially. No information about the complaint is provided to third parties without the consent of the sender.

5. A file with a unique serial number will be created for each complaint. This dossier is kept for a period of three years.

6. The management of CK will handle the complaint as soon as possible. In addition, the total processing time after the complaint may not exceed a four-week period. If the complaint has not been settled within this term, the sender will be notified in good time and further discussions will ensue. This can happen if very specific efforts are necessary that are critical for handling the complaint. In this case the period of 3 months may not be exceeded.

7. After the complaint has been thoroughly investigated, the necessary steps are taken to deal with the complaint properly.

8. A complaint is deemed to have been handled with correctly if the sender has received a written reply, in which CK argues that it is convinced, in all reasonableness and fairness and in line with the gravity of the complaint, to have done/to do all it can to answer the complaint properly. In writing to the parties concerned, a motivated assessment of all parts of the complaint, as well as any measures taken or arising as a result of the complaint, will be made.

9. If there is an incorrect handling of the complaint, the sender may appeal with the 'Department of Ethics and Professional Standards'; of the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association (IKYTA). The advice from IKYTA will be binding for Cherdi Kala - The Art of Upliftment.


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