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TTL2 Begium & Online 2022


Reservation fee: €220,00

Price on Location: €999,00 incl. €220,00 reservation fee (€1049,00 after 1 Sept. 2022).

Price Online: €550,00 (€575,00 after 1 Sept. 2022).

Date: 6-11 October 2022


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6-11 October 2022 with Shiv Charan Singh and Hari Krishan Singh

Authentic Relationships

Include yourself in God by full participation in the human experience. From incarnation of your spirit through living conscious relationships to merging with the divine while alive. Every relation is a manifestation of the relation between the individual soul and the Universal Soul. Practical discussions, exercises and meditations that give a deep insight into the most basic nature of man and woman as well as the methods to realize the highest consciousness through fulfilling your humanity.