16/04/2021 @ 00:00
Yogahouse Prasaad
Almenstrasse 11
Sabh Anand Kaur

NOTE: This training has been cancelled. New start date will be announced soon.

Sabh Anand Kaur (Marije)

Creating guilds, the 7-layered garden.

So happy to let you know we have committed ourselves to a new date 16 – 18 april 2021 for the course ‘The 7 layered permaculture garden’. You can already book your early-bird ticket! here: https://www.eventbrite.nl/e/tickets-kopie-van-the-7-layered-permaculture-garden-127127825749

How to transform you garden or orchard into a healthy and biodiverse one. Looking at the whole ecosystem and apply this into your garden or plot of land.
Three days where you deepen the knowledge of permaculture and foodforest gardening and also apply it. From theory into doing, creating and planting your guild in the orchard.
For more information contact: Sabh Anand Kaur (Marije)

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