23/09/2021 – 28/09/2021 all-day
Cherdi Kala Level 2 team

Kundalini Yoga Level 2
Module Vitality and Stress  ONLINE

With Shiv Charan Singh and Hari Krishan Singh


Vitality & Stress
“God only lives in cosy homes”, Yogi Bhajan. The body is the temple. With its biochemistry, neuro-transmissions, five winds, pranas, nadis and various physical and subtle organs. Subject to so much internal and external stress how can it become like gold and radiate?
Vitality is the capacity of the nervous and glandular system to respond and adapt. it is also a sign of a harmonious relationship to the vastness of the cosmos and its laws. Stress can be the training ground to develop this capacity or it can produce a degeneration of this capacity.

Date: 23-28 September 2021

Price: €500,00 pre-registration before 1 Sept 2021. €550,00 after 1 Sept. 2021

Location: Online on ZOOM

5.30-8.00 CEST Aquarian Sadhana (optional)
9.30-16.30/17.00 CEST Teachings
17.00-18.00 CEST Watching Level 2 video (or reading the transcript in the study guide) and doing the kriya at home (or at least on the same day)


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