07/01/2021 – 27/06/2021 all-day
Sahai Kaur

Start 7 January 2021 – 6 Month program!

Information in Swedish HERE

Thank you for your interest in our 100% Online Kundalini Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training.




The training is set up in a way that it is possible to attend the full course purely online for those who need this. However, it is highly recommended to attend at least some sessions in-person on location. We offer several possibilities for this.

  1. You attend the last 6-day session in June 2021 in Sweden, which is also part of the online course as this session will be taught Hybrid (in-person & simultaneously on Zoom).
  2. You attend the full 100% online training and do extra on-location/in-person session in South-Germany (21-27 April 2021) or Menorca (3-10 October 2021). For this extra session you do NOT pay for the teachings, but only accommodation and food.
  3. You attend the online training until including the 4 days in May (modules 1-7) and attend the last 3 modules in-person in 8 days on Menorca 3-10 October 2021.


TTL1 – 100% Online

January 2021, 4 days ONLINE
7-8 Mod 1: Origins, lineage etc.
9-10 Mod 2: The map, anatomy

March 2021, 3 days ONLINE
26 Practicum day
27-28 Mod 3: Sound and Mantra

April 2021, 4 days ONLINE
15-16 Mod 4: Breathing, Living
17-18 Mod 5: Posture

May 2021, 4 days ONLINE
13-14 Mod 6: Mind & meditation
15-16 Mod 7: Humanology

June 2021, 6 days ONLINE & IN-PERSON In Sweden Arbrå – HYBRID teaching
23-24 June Mod 8: Roles & resp.
25-26 June Mod 9: Patanjali & Death
27-28 June Mod 10: 10 bodies


The cost of the full course is €2000,00 or 20.500 SEK, including tuition, teacher training manual, administration & general services, and examination fee.

In case you would like to attend an optional residential the costs are:

– Arbrå, Sweden: 2.900 SEK (6 days without accommodation incl. food) – 23-28 June 2021
– Yogahouse Prasaad, Engen, South-Germany: €525,00 (7 days incl accommodation and food) – 21-27 April 2021
– Menorca, Spain: €500,00 (8 days incl accommodation and food) – 3-10 October 2021

Deposit/Registration Fee: A non-returnable deposit of €500,00 is required with your registration to secure a place. Exceptions are possible under extraordinary circumstances and will be dealt with individually.

Payments can be made in 3 installments or all at once. Exceptions are possible under extraordinary circumstances and will be dealt with individually.

You will receive an invoice when you complete the registration form. Your reservation is complete after payment of the registration fee or total fee. Please mention the invoice number with you transfer.

Cancellation Policy: In case of cancellation within 7 days after the first training session, the registration fee, cost for the first module and €100,00 administration fees are due. After 7 days after the first module has been completed, the full tuition fee is due. Contact us in case of special circumstances.


Please contact us for more information HERE



Some reflections on the Teacher Training process


The world is changing and so are we. 

The future is here now and nothing will wait for you. 

We unite and unite in compassion and solidarity. 

Together we move towards higher consciousness.

Aquarian Teacher Training level 1 as taught by Yogi Bhajan 100% Online

with the opportunity to meet in groups in Arbrå / Hälsingland

When we live life at full speed, it is easy to get caught up in a dance that is not ours. With the stress pulsing in the body and the buzzing in the head, we lose ourselves. Our inner voice becomes weak and difficult to hear, the one who is our teacher, our consciousness that knows what choices and decisions we need to make to find our balance in life and live to our full potential. 

Through yoga we step on a path to self-knowledge, like a map to our authentic self. Through our physical body we take the path to create balance and vitality. The way home. In kriya and meditation we learn to listen to our yes and our no. We discover that which is complete, that which we can let go of and that which needs healing. Yoga helps us to keep our minds bright, we feel more inner peace which allows the flow of creativity. We provide space for Kundalini, our life energy and potential. 

A yoga teacher education is a journey, a path to self-immersion and personal development to connect to your authentic Self. You can choose to participate for your own development, because you long for immersion, more knowledge or want to be in a yogic environment. And maybe you want to establish a yogic lifestyle and live in increased health through an intensive period of 6 months with access to and guidance by an international team of experienced teacher trainers. 

After completing your education, you will become an internationally certified Kundalini yoga instructor according to the Kundalini research Institute / KRI and you will be well equipped with techniques, kriyas, meditations, and experience to hold your own yoga classes. 

We are in the middle of a pandemic and a time when the world is changing and so are we. We face challenges and open up new opportunities. We have made the decision to offer the education 100% online, which means that all modules are taught online via the Zoom platform. 

It is possible to participate in a group (limited number according to FHO’s recommendations) in Arbrå / Hälsingland as the intention was from the start, that the education would be on the ancestral farm of Sahai Kaur. Surrounded by nature and land that has been cultivated for hundreds of years, in the presence of horses and forest animals. During the winter months, we meet in Arbrå Kundaliniyoga’s premises in central Arbrå.

The June residential is also in Arbrå, but can also be taken in October on Menorca, Spain.

For those choosing to do the training 100% online, we still highly recommend to do at least some days in person, for which there will be opportunities as mentioned in Sweden and Spain, but you can also join an extra residential in South-Germany (extra-curricular).