08/10/2020 – 13/10/2020 all-day
Charan Kamal Kaur

We are happy to announce the Kundalini Yoga Level 2 module Lifecycles and Lifestyles which Shiv Charan Singh and Hari Krishan Singh will offer in October 2020 ONLINE.

We know many of you already registered verbally, but we would kindly ask you to register officially using the online application form, and after receiving the invoice, transferring €220,00 registration fee (mentioning your name and invoice number).


We are looking forward to seeing many of you there!

Many blessings
Karam Kriya Nederland and Cherdi Kala Yoga


Life Cycles & Life Styles

Review your personal biography in a manner that will set you free from the dead weight of the past and turn lead to gold. Learn to harmonise the 7, 11 and 18-year cycles of your life and why this is important. Establish your future projection so that the flow of prosperity is a natural consequence of the balance of the rhythms. Step further into the practical science of transforming your life from habits that are soul-demoting to a discipline that is soul-promoting.

Date: 8-13 October 2020

Price: €500,00

The language is English. No translations.

Daily Schedule:
6:00-6:30 japji OPTIONAL
6:30-8:00 yoga and meditation + hukam OPTIONAL
Level 2 teaching:
10:00-13:00 teaching
14:30-16:00 teaching

Students watch the Level 2 YB videos by themselves on the same day. There is the option to read the lecture and do the kriya without watching the video.
Teaching times are German (CET) time.

Hari Krishan Singh teaches 2 days, Shiv Charan Singh 4 days.

You might have already attended the coming module Lifecycles and Lifestyles but perhaps you are considering to join us again like many did this year in October. In that case you will receive a return-discount of €200,00.


Info: level2@cherdikala.euwww.cherdikala.eu

Shiv Charan Singh: www.karamkriya.com